maandag 17 december 2018

Take all the (lonely) days and make them sing!

The most wonderful time of the year people often say when talking about Christmas time.
Every year (you can call it a tradition) I spend Christmas with my family and friends in Germany.
I really enjoy to be with them and the first thing we do when we meet is hugging each other.
A BIG HUG which gives me warmth and kindness and makes me feel welcome.

Last weekend I saw this wonderful videoclip "Hugging You" (Tom Rosenthal feat. Billie Marten) on YouTube. Seeing  all this people hugging makes me happy. That's the reason I like to share this clip with you in this last Saxion Library Blog of this year:

"You took all the lonely days and you made them sing
You turned off the alarms so they don’t ring
I don’t know where we are in the grand scheme of things
But I just wanna be hugging you tonight"
(lyrics from "Hugging you")

Enjoy your Christmas Holiday! Happy New Year!

Best wishes from Doro and my colleague's from Saxion Library Blog Team: Anne, Loana, Mirjam and Marij

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