donderdag 7 december 2017

Once upon a time or how to convince your audience by a story

Yesterday me and my colleagues from Saxion Library received a certification for following the course "StorySelling for Information Professionals". 
Foto: Doro Heine

The reason to follow this course was that if you are able to tell a good story it is easier for you to demonstrate and emphasize the value of a service or a product.

The program of this course was customized for us: the trainers and account managers of Saxion Library.
Two days we spent together to learn how we can tell a good story to our students and teachers.We trained techniques and got tools which we can use at trainings and in presentations.
We learned how to sell our services/products and ourselves.

The first day we were busy with how to build a good story.
If you want to gain your aims it is very important to get yourself in the position of your audience. In advance you need to figure out what the student or teacher must know, feel or do after having listened to your story. You need to know the problems or needs of your audience which you can solve for them by offering your service/product.  Can you create value and what does it yield? Many times we retold our story trying to keep it simple, short, to the point but also to tell it colorful, emotional and authentic. Our goal was to achieve as much relevance as possible for the storyteller and listener. At the end of the first day we had learned a lot about formulating and shaping a good story.

For homework we had to prepare a pitch for the next session.

Foto: Loana Teerlink
The second day we met each other in the theatre of Saxion Deventer. This day we were trained in techniques how to use our voice and body and how to get eye contact with your audience.
It was a very practical day with a lot of exercises. Mostly we worked in couples but we had also to present ourselves one by one in front of our colleagues. It was very interesting to see how we learned from each other and how everyone made great progress during this day.

In summary I should say that these two days were very intensive, confronting and inspiring for all of us. We learned a lot about ourselves and how we (in a positive way) can "manipulate" our audience.

So let the story begin: "Once upon a time, in a library..."

Text: Doro Heine

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