woensdag 20 september 2017

Welcome new Saxion-student. Your diploma starts here!

The new school year is starting again. You made it through the introduction week (HOI). The first friendships started. The schedules and calendars are beginning to run full. "Where is that classroom?"

But also: teaching materials. Do I have everything? Where can I find more information? Books, journals, databases ... Where can I find any of these things? In Saxion Library of course!

Here is our top 10 of useful links:

1Website Saxion BibliotheekInformation about Saxion Bibliotheek
2Renew or extend booksFirst login and then renew or extend your books
3LibGuidesStarting point for your research
4DatabasesOverview of all databases
5JournalsOverview of all magazines
6VideosOverview of all videos
7Room reservationVideo rooms, silence cabins, silence cabins for function limitation
8Thesis SupportFor help with resource usage in theses
9AskFAQ's, social media, opening hours
10APAAPA style simplified (eBook)

Top 3 tips
  1. You can request and pick up books from a different location, at your desired location.
  2. Start on time with your research. ;-)
  3. Make use of the tips in this booklet: Smarter Internet Searches (PDF)
Where do you find us?

Saxion Library Deventer: C1.99
Saxion Library Enschede: F2.14
Saxion Library Apeldoorn: K0.02

We wish you a great start of the new school year and we'll be happy to see you in Deventer, Enschede and Apeldoorn!

By: Mirjam

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