maandag 17 juli 2017

A Summer Tale

As the library account manager of Hospitality Business I am following the news of tourism and hospitality branche. One of my tasks is to pick up interesting information which I like to share with  colleagues and students.
Some time ago I discovered a lovely little movie in an update of the Dutch Tourism Board ( It was called "The Tale of Kat and Dog".

The story is about a girl, named Kat, and the little dog Joepie who meet each other in an Amsterdam park on a beautiful day. Joepie picks a ball from Kat's bag. This ball belonged to Kat's little brother and is very precious to her. So Kat chases Joepie through the streets of Amsterdam. By following the two the audience learn a lot about Amsterdam (locations) and the Dutch way of living.

I really like this kind op city marketing. It is a nice example of using storytelling as a marketing tool.
And l like the beautiful pictures of Amsterdam in summer time.

This is my last week at work.
From next week from 24th july til 25th august the library will be closed.
On behalf of my Saxion Library colleagues I wish everyone a nice summer holiday!
See you back in august!

Enjoy the movie!

door Doro